Want practical tools to live this “BEST LIFE” everyone is talking about?


Hi, I’m Natalie. A few years ago I screamed YES! to the above question and I want to empower you to live your BEST LIFE too!

I bring with me:

  • Certification in the Body Wisdom Academy’s Subtle Body Techniques
  • Certification in archetypal movement practices 
  • Decades of research in creative expression through the body
  • Years of experience as a devoted daughter, mother, spouse, friend, teacher, student of the healing arts
  • Lived experience of walking through the fires and transforming on the other side

I am thrilled to share with you body-centered psychological practices that move emotions and experiences that have become stuck inside of us. I found this work when I was:

  • burdened by chronic pain
  • stressed out on the regular 
  • doing ALL the things to try to feel better
  • continually coming up short, in every area of my life
  • counting and measuring those shortcomings on repeat


I knew that life was short, change is constant and I wanted to celebrate my life with the people that I loved. I desperately wanted more joy in my life. Now, through the braiding together of all of my research, work and experience in the world,  I have: 

  • a pathway that resonates
  • a practice that is simple and results based
  • deeper connection to others and my outer world
  • an expansive sense of peace and trust in my inner wisdom

    I want that for you, too. I truly do. 


Ask yourself…

Do you ever struggle with feeling overwhelmed or stressed out?


Do you long to feel fulfilled and enjoy meaningful relationships?


Do you ever catch yourself repeating an unhealthy habit

and still cannot seem to freaking figure out how to actually change it

even when you could diagram it, write a dissertation about it,

or give a TEDtalk on it for a stranger to understand? 


Do you often feel stuck or unsure of your next step?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this work is for you.

What working with me as a coach is about:

Nurturing a deep, supportive, relationship with your body and inner wisdom.

Developing a lasting relationship with your inner world and removing blocks in your outer world.

Freedom from triggers that are holding you back.

Empowering you to find an abiding sense of peace and support.

Are you ready to start a journey of transformation and self-discovery?

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